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  • Jumbo Crate Info Product

    The computer crate is specifically designed to provide protective and secure storage for computers and related IT equipment when they are being moved or stored.

    Jumbo Crate
    Special Product
    £49.99 £44.99
  • Stair Carry Crate Info Product

    The stair carry crate is a popular choice with customers moving home due to its optimim size and ease of handling.  This tough and durable packing crate offers excellent protection for a wide variety of household items during transit and storage.  The stair carry crate has an integral lid which can be fastened for extra security.

    Stair Carry Crate
    Special Product
    £34.99 £31.49
  • General Use Crate Info Product

    The standard lidded crate is a general purpose lidded crate ideal for packing and moving a wide variety of household items.  This crate is exceptionally tough and provides excellent protection for contents.  It is also weatherproof and may be sealed shut for added security.

    General Use Crate
    Special Product
    £38.99 £35.09